What Clients Say:

“The new vision from the sessions with Joni has given new life to me as the President of our company and I’m energized and excited about the future of VA Productions – near and distant – in a way I have never been since I started our company 20 years ago.”

- Virginia Dodge, President

VA Productions

"You have everything you need inside of you to create anything in your life you desire."

​- Mike Basevic

executive coaching

With the pace of change, even the best leaders must continue to sharpen their saws!  

We work with CEOs, Senior Executives and Managers to tailor a program that identifies goals, hones strengths and overcomes blind spots.  With a combination of clarity on desired outcomes and increased self-awareness, Naugle Associates helps clients identify a series of action steps to improve communication, relationships and positive results.  Our approach is very practical and grounded in solid leadership techniques.

Whether you are looking for a coach to enhance your own professional success or you have a key team member who would benefit from one-on-one development, contact us to discuss how we can help you Dare to be Great!